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When you have a broken or damaged garage, we know that it can be a real pain in the neck. My Houston Garage Door Repair has 20 years of experience in the Houston area fixing garage doors for people like you. But finding someone reliable and at a reasonable price can be a chore. We make it a point to show you what is wrong with your garage door, and the best course of action.

Our staff is factory trained, certified, and have many years of experience in every facet of garage door repair. So whether you have a traditional wooden door, a sectional door or a commercial roll up, there is literally nothing they have never seen.

Houston garage door after repairIn most cases we provide same day service and are even available 24 hours a day for the worst problems. All work is guaranteed. Houston Garage Door Repair offers only the highest quality products for long lasting use.

And don’t forget how important a quality and attractive garage door enhances both the price and appearance of your home. If you’re looking to boost the price of your home, a new garage door can add more value than you’ll pay for it.

Whether you have a door that won’t open or close, or you just have a door that is making a lot of noise, it’s best to have a professional have a look at it. Even if you just have a few questions, feel free to call us and ask. All estimates are free.

Repairing concrete under teh door

A client called about having to repair a section of concrete between the sidewalk and the garage. The concrete area was about three feet wide and truly in bad shape. The problem is easy enough, but to do so you need to leave the garage door open for at least one day. But the the …

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Cables becoming tangled on roller drums

One DIY client called my up and told me he had replaces a wooden garage door with a metal one, but that when he tried to open it, the cables got all tangled up on the roller drums. Now the door doesn’t hang right. Usually there is one major culprit in a case like this. …

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What should i do if I have gaps at the bottom of my door?

Gaps appear on garage doors between the door and just about anywhere else around the door. They can be caused by any number of things. If you have a wood paneled door, sometimes the the panels can sag. In a case like this you will need to call a professional. Another very common reason for …

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My garage door makes too much noise.

Sometimes garage doors, even brand new ones, make a lot of noise. What can you do? First you can take some grease and lubricate the hinges. Use a silicon spray, as opposed to WD-40 Have a look at the springs and make sure they are tight enough. It is not uncommon for garage door installers …

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