Automatic garage door or manual garage door

Some consumers are on a budget and are looking for the least expensive options when they buy a garage door. One place you can save some money is buying a manual door instead of an automatic one, but should you? Naturally the automatic door is very convenient, especially if you live in a cold or rainy climate. But for people who trying to save money, a manual garage door can be a valid option.

When it comes to automatic garage doors, they are exactly the same except for the opener. A decent garage door opener is only a costs a few hundred bucks, and then there is the installation. As a rule, the garage door opener should not be a do it yourself project unless you have done it before. The fact is a professional can do it in a fraction of the time an amateur can do it. But if you are handy, you can save $100 – $200 by doing it yourself.

Another factor is the cost of maintenance. Garage door openers are fairly maintenance free. They rarely break down and simply oiling it a couple of times a year can add to its lifespan. All openers are made to withstand heat and cold damage, and it won’t hurt them if they get wet every once in a while.

Keeping your door balanced is another aspect of maintenance. A door that is not balanced will add wear and tear on the engine, but again, it takes a long time for a garage door to become unbalanced.

On the other hand, if you do not live in a place where weather is a factor, a manual door is a viable options. Another good thing about manual doors is security. Garage door openers are pretty save, but if you live in a high crime area or you store a lot of very expensive stuff in your garage, you might want to padlock your door, and only a manual door will allow that.

Garage door weatherstripping

garage door weatherstrippingWeatherstripping is what you use to seal the gaps around your garage door. Weatherstripping a essential in cold climates because a cold garage creates cold walls in your house, which means cold rooms and higher electric bills. It’s generally an easy job, but here are a few things to think about before you start your project.

Don’t underestimate how much weatherstripping you will need. Weatherstripping is not expensive, so it’s OK to buy a little more than you need. Also, with regards to the bottom of your door, you will need to wrap the weatherstripping up the side of the door, so make sure that you have at least 6 inches extra for the width of the door.

Weatherstripping for your garage door can be bought at any hardware store, but some brands sell their own variety, so make sure you get the right kind. When you remove the old weatherstripping, you may find that it difficult to come off; therefore you may have to use a pry bar to get the nails out. Whichever instrument you choose, don’t be too rough because you will damage the door. When yo install the weatherstripping, start at the top and work your way down. Many feel that the door should be in a closed position when installing the weatherstripping because it allows you to visually confirm that the seal is complete, but that is a personal call.

Problems in weatherstripping arise when the space around the door is not even. This is often because the door was not hung properly, or has not been maintained. In this case a maintenance check from a professional garage door repairman will be necessary. You should not try this sort of adjustment yourself.