What to do if your garage door is stuck

Your garage will probably get stuck at one point in its lifetime, and sometimes it will be an easy fix and sometimes it will not. Here are a few tricks of the trade that, should you find yourself in the position, you will be able to at least get your car out of the garage. You will still in many cases need to call a garage door repairman, so these tips should be considered temporary fixes.

  • My garage door is starting to sag at the bottom and is becoming increasingly difficult to open. This is a common problem with doors that have seen a lot of use. In this case you will need a tension rod that spans diagonally across the inside of the door and tighten them up slowly so as to not make things worse. This is an inexpensive solution, and will hold up for a while. You might even find that your door already has them.
  • I can’t lock my garage door. If you cannot lock the door, look for horizontal bars on the interior of your door. These bars should fit into holes on the side of the door, which serves as the locking mechanism. Usually you only have to realign them by loosening them and re-tightening. If you are in a real clutch, just put something in the slot to keep it from being opened. You will have to enter and leave through another door until the situation is fixed, of course.
  • The power is out in my garage.  Sometimes a fuse blows at the wrong time leaving your in a lurch. If you can’t fix it on the spot, find the emergency release cord that should be hanging from the ceiling. At least you can get to work.