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Jun 23

What should i do if I have gaps at the bottom of my door?

Gaps appear on garage doors between the door and just about anywhere else around the door. They can be caused by any number of things. If you have a wood paneled door, sometimes the the panels can sag. In a case like this you will need to call a professional. Another very common reason for …

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Jun 04

How to measure for a garage door

Say you’re in the market for a new garage door and you want to go to a dealer and talk to him about it. The first thing he will want to know is how big your current door is. But there is more to measuring a garage door than height and width. Here are some …

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Apr 17

Fiberglass garage doors and their maintenance

Fiberglass is not a particularly common material for garage doors, though they do have their adherents. The biggest advantage of fiberglass is weight.¬† They are typically framed with aluminum and can come in any number of colors. Fiberglass garage doors are among the favorites of people who live near the ocean because they are resistant …

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Apr 14

What to do if your garage door is stuck

Your garage will probably get stuck at one point in its lifetime, and sometimes it will be an easy fix and sometimes it will not. Here are a few tricks of the trade that, should you find yourself in the position, you will be able to at least get your car out of the garage. …

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Dec 12

Buying the right garage door for you

You don’t replace your garage door very often, so when you do, you need to make sure you cover all the bases. If you don’t git right the first, some stuff cannot be added on. Here are a few things to think about: Make sure to test the security features. All garage doors come with …

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Dec 04

Garage door safety

Garage doors built in the last 20 years come with some pretty sophisticated security features. Nevertheless, there are some things you can do to hedge¬† your bets even more. Make sure you know where your emergency garage door release switch is, and how to use it. It’s usually a cord that hangs from the ceiling. …

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Nov 25

Why you should consider a new garage door

You don’t buy a garage every day, so when the time comes you will want to make the right choice. The good news is that the garage doors of today are so much better than garage doors made 30 years ago. Garage doors are more secure than they have ever been and they are better …

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Oct 18

Garage door as fashion statement

Your garage door is the first thing people see on your home, and architects are designing garage doors with this idea in mind. Thing is most of these garage doors go on homes in housing developments, and there’s only so creative an architect can be in that situation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make …

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Aug 13

Replacing your garage door opener

garage door opener installation

There isn’t much to a garage door opener, and as a rule they are made to last. Nevertheless, there may be other factors that go into making the decision to buy a new one. For one thing, garage door opener crime security has improved quite a bit over the last decade. Older openers had a …

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Aug 06

Automatic garage door or manual garage door

Some consumers are on a budget and are looking for the least expensive options when they buy a garage door. One place you can save some money is buying a manual door instead of an automatic one, but should you? Naturally the automatic door is very convenient, especially if you live in a cold or …

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