Examining garage door tracks

Your garage door is mechanically simple, but because of its size and weight, simple things that go wrong can mean big headaches. Garage door track damage is one of these things. It takes a little bit of skill to identify track problems, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

You should first simply compare both tracks and see if there are any salient differences. Sometimes something may be obstructing the proper operation of the track; fragments, rust or other debris can work its way into the track though it may be difficult to see. You will first need to close the door slowly and observe how the door behaves. If it hangs on one side then debris is likely. You will need a ladder and a flashlight to get a good look so. Usually a screw driver can unwedge the offending particle and free the track. But be careful to not damage the track further.

Sometimes the mounting brackets become loose and thus become unaligned, in which caseĀ  yo can tighten them.

Remember! Don’t mess with any of the springs. They are dangerous and can lead to permanent disability.