Garage door R-value

If you’re a conscientious garage door shopper, you have probably across the term “R-value, ” but what exactly is that. The short answer is that it’s a value that t indicates how well something is insulated, and the higher that value is, the better.

R-value is related to insulation and how the door is made. Any door can be insulated, but if air is allowed inside the panels, that insulation will not work as well. Doors with higher R-value are tighter, therefore allowing the insulation to do its job better. If you are not sure how well your garage is insulated, there are instruments that allow  you to measure the effectiveness of your door or anything else in your house for that matter.

There are times when R-value can play a big role. If, for instance, you have a living space above  your garage. Consciously buying a higher value R-value would help you keep that space warm in winter.

If you live in a cold climate, you should shoot for a door of at least 6, and even in more moderate climates, you should settle for nothing less than a 4. Note that if your garage is not an attached door, an R-value will probably be meaningless, unless you keep your garage door heated with it’s own heating system.