Has your garage door ever opened by itself?

This doesn’t really happen very often, but if it does you will find it very creepy: you come out to your car in the morning and discover that your garage door has opened by itself. The first thing most people think is that someone has broken into their home. The reality may be stranger.

The phenomenon is called a “phantom operation” in the garage door manufacturing industry, and they are well aware of it. Usually it happens after an electrical storm. What happens is power surges can make the garage door opener act in unpredictable ways, namely open the garage door. Incidentally, if your garage door opened during a lightning storm, is is probably damaged and you will have to have a repairman look at it.

Other reason for the phantom operation include

  • other electronic devices that use the same frequencies as your garage door are being used in your area,
  • accidentally pushing the open button when you have it in your pocket.
  • a short circuit in the unit

Resolution to this problem will vary from one situation to the other. Sometimes taking the batteries out of the remote and putting them back in will do the trick. Another thing you might try is to reset the frequency of the remote. One thing you can be pretty sure of is that someone has your code. On newer doors the number of combinations is in the hundreds of millions, so if that was your worry, you can put that one to rest.