My garage door makes too much noise.

Sometimes garage doors, even brand new ones, make a lot of noise. What can you do?

  • First you can take some grease and lubricate the hinges. Use a silicon spray, as opposed to WD-40
  • Have a look at the springs and make sure they are tight enough. It is not uncommon for garage door installers to overlook some of these things.
  • Spray the chain and glide bar with lubricant.
  • Examine the rollers. Metal rollers are sturdy, but they make more noise they ones made of synthetic materials.
  • In some cases a noise cannot be avoided. For instance, if your living areas are above the garage, the garage door opener vibrating on the garage door/ your floor can make a hellacious noise. You will need to buy and install some thick rubber dampers, which can be bought anywhere. They are not only for garage doors.
  • If none of the above works, you might have to encase the motor in a sound dampening box. Refrigerators use them because the motor can vibrate the entire appliance. They can also be used for garage door opener motors.